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The Doll Lux Melt Band can help you secure and melt your wigs in as little as 5-10 minutes! This is the secret to achieving the ultimate melt


How to melt:

✓ Put on your wig as usual

✓Glue or Gel your wig down with our Doll Lace Glue 

✓Using our Doll Lux Melt Band, open the velcro and place the band on the edges of the lace

✓Close the Velcro and adjust the band to your comfort level, while ensuring that it is firm and sits properly

✓Style your the rest of your hair and finish your beauty routine, while keeping the band on for about 5-10 minutes

✓Undo the velcro and remove the band carefully from the hairline

The Doll Lux Melt Band

The Doll Lux Melt Band
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