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To become a Doll, the process begins with inner beauty matching outer beauty, and from there, the transformation commences.

Mink Galore Dollz HAIRTIQUE's exceptional customer service, coupled with top-quality products, is why Dollz keeps returning, helping us to grow daily in the hair industry. Our Mink Dollz is taking over the world, one transformation at a time, so join the Doll Squad today.

"In 2018, Mink Galore Dollz made it official, and although the journey has been tough, Jay Galore never gave up. What started as a side hustle has now become a thriving hair business with a squad of Mink Dollz. As a full-time mother, teacher, and college student, Jay's goal is to provide Dollz worldwide with the ability to live the Mink Doll Life and slay in luxury hair at an affordable price."

"Philippians 4:13 reminds us that we can do anything through Him who strengthens us."

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